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Law is just an instrument in achieving
our clients’ business goals

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We support infrastructure projects - roads,
telecommunications, energy infrastructure

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We focus on specialization. With in-depth knowledge
of our clients’ sector of operation and business
environment we can come forward
with bold and innovative solutions

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We share many years of our experience
in rendering services for construction
and real estate companies

  • Legal services for construction projects, including sensitive projects such as listed buildings, wind farms, as well as telecommunications, large retail and mining projects
  • Comprehensive due diligence of real estate and special purpose vehicles operating in the real estate sector, including legal analysis of a property’s development potential
  • Review of the legal status of construction and developer companies, including internal audits to prepare businesses for restructuring, obtaining financing or soliciting third-party investors
  • Preparation of systemic legal solutions, including sets of agreement templates for business operations
  • Support for retail, office and warehouse project development and commercialization, including negotiations and preparation of lease templates and other tailor-made agreements
  • Support for retail, office and warehouse project development and commercialization, including negotiations and preparation of lease templates and other tailor-made agreements
  • Negotiation of real estate acquisitions/sales, including preparation of transaction documents (sale agreements, trust deeds and SPV establishment)
  • Settlement of the legal status of a real estate, including settlement of restitution claims to Warsaw lands and other real estate expropriated as a result of acts on industry nationalization and agrarian reform, and property left after WWII beyond the Bug River
  • Preparation of agreements for development projects carried out by our clients, including design agreements, agreements with the general contractor (based on FIDIC templates and the ‘design-build’ system), and project management agreements
  • Negotiation of disputes between contractors and subcontractors of construction and design agreements
  • Legal and administrative proceedings, including proceedings related to reprivatisation, master planning, construction and special purpose acts
  • Conducting court proceedings to settle the legal status of a real estate, including acquisitive prescription
  • Conducting court proceedings of developer and other companies
  • Support for restructuring processes of construction companies
  • Supporting clients in sourcing financing for transactions, including negotiation of loan agreements with banks and preparation of financial documentation
  • Comprehensive legal advice

Apart from specialist practices, we also provide legal services
related to the primary operations of our clients

We provide on-going legal services for clients, including through lawyers seconded to the client’s head office on a permanent or temporary basis before an in-house legal department is established.

We offer legal support through on-going or ad hoc corporate services related to meetings of shareholders, supervisory and management boards, and amendments to articles of association.

We negotiate and draft commercial contracts.

We advise on organization of in-house legal services and provide support in establishing in-house legal departments and recruitment by third-party companies.

We offer support in establishing commercial partnerships and companies and other entities, including foundations and associations.

We represent clients in courts of all instances, including in business law matters with a preliminary review of cases before taking court action.

We prepare and draft cooperation agreements between business partners, articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.