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Law is just an instrument in achieving
our clients’ business goals

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We support infrastructure projects - roads,
telecommunications, energy infrastructure

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We focus on specialization. With in-depth knowledge
of our clients’ sector of operation and business
environment we can come forward
with bold and innovative solutions

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We share many years of our experience
in rendering services for construction
and real estate companies


Magdalena Sośniak appeared as an of counsel of CDZ Law Firm on TVN CNBC Biznes channel regarding instruments protecting property buyers against dishonest vendors

Magdalena Sośniak was interviewed as an expert on rebuilding of listed buildings on TVP Biznes channel

“Zabytki na papierze” (Listed Buildings on Paper) in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Magdalena Sośniak, “Od lat czekają na akty notarialne” (Waiting for Notary Deeds for Years), legal opinion, in Rzeczpospolita Nieruchomości;

Magdalena Sośniak, “Jak uregulować sporne interesy sąsiedzkie” (How To Reconcile Contentious Interests of Neighbours?) in Gazeta Prawna Moje Nieruchomości;

“Przewodnik po prawie administracyjnym” (A Guide to Administrative Law), edited by Professor W. Jakimowicz, Ph.D.; Magdalena Sośniak-Jagielińska was one of its authors;

“Wpływ tzw. ustawy szerokopasmowej na kształtowanie przestrzeni miejskiej” (Impact of the Broadband Act on the Shape of Public Space), M. Sośniak-Jagielińska [in:] Przestrzeń w prawie administracyjnym (Space in Administrative Law), published by Wolters Kluwer;

“Skutki materialnoprawne i procesowe upływu terminu wniesienia sprzeciwu do zgłoszenia robót budowlanych na tle charakterystyki procedury zgłoszenia robót budowlanych” (Substantive-Law and Procedural Consequences of the Lapse of the Time Limit for Filing an Objection to the Notification of Construction Work and the Procedure for Construction Work Notification),  M. Sośniak-Jagielińska, CASUS No. 2012, No. 64;

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